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instead, follow these rules.

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Facing a DUI? Follow our lead.

When you've been charged with a DUI, it's important to stay calm and clearheaded. When you follow these key commandments, you can ensure you get the proper care for your needs.

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1) Do not refuse the breathalyzer test - you could lose your license for refusing a test.  


2) Do not refuse the Field Sobriety Test (FST)


3) Do not antagonize the police officer - your passengers could be arrested for your belligerent behavior.


4) Do not have a child in the car - this could lead to a child endangerment charge


5) Do not show a Medical Marijuana ID card - Even if legal, your card could make your charge worse in the eyes of the law.


6) Do not tell the officer about prescriptions - do not offer this information as some drugs can make you drowsy and may affect your driving ability, giving the police a better case against you.


7)  Do not forget your license and registration - Always carry these documents in your glove compartment, or you could risk higher fees or more severe charges.


8) Do not hide guns or weapons - always inform officers up front if you possess one in your vehicle, and keep the registration on you.


9) Do not be rude - this will only make your case worse.


10) Do not run and hide - face the charges and consider hiring a lawyer to defend your rights as soon as possible.



A DUI is no joke. When you follow these requirements, you can always make everything easier.

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