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Let us help you with:

any DUI charge!

Fight back against

  • Illegal stops

  • Invalid field test

  • Defective breath test

  • Refusal of breath test

  • Failed to read rights

  • Driver’s license hearings

  • Diversions

When you feel as though you're facing a negative legal situation, we're dedicated to being by your side.

Create an ideal legal defense

In the matter of DUI, Malcolm Copeland is an experienced defense lawyer that you can count on. He is dedicated to aggressively protecting your rights and will always attempt to provide a legal solution.


If you've been pulled over or are facing a legal problem related to substance and driving, we're eager to stand by your side with a customized legal defense.

you need most.

Get the legal defense

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With over 30 years of experience, we can offer you solid legal advise.

Call today to get a legal consultation!


When you have a problem with a DUI, no one can handle your needs like we can!

Aggressive care

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